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Cacao Brew - Focus'

Cacao Brew - Focus

The Nootropic blend; your daily boost supporting focus and mental concentration, helping you get the most out of each and every day.

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The Aztecs and Mayans consumed cacao as a health drink, experience for yourself this intense, dark cacao brew as it would have been enjoyed in ancient times - with a twist!

Stimulate your mind and nourish your body with our 100% Ecuadorian cacao brew with added high strength quality ingredients including:

• Premium C8 MCT Oil
• Dual Extract Lions Mane
• High-Strength Panax Ginseng
+ Prebiotics and Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)

Small-batch produced made using the finest Ecuadorian cacao, unroasted to preserve the true flavour of cacao and antioxidant rich polyphenols.  Organic, vegan and fair trade.

Packed in fully compostable packaging with a zip-seal for ease and freshness.

Pouch contains 10 x 30g servings. 

Unroasted Cacao*♦, MCT Oil from Coconut*, Prebiotic Chicory Root Fibre*, Dual Extract Lions Mane Mushroom Powder*, Panax Ginseng Powder*, Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi

*Certified organic. ♦Fair trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard (100%).

Cocoa solids 100% minimum.

Allergy Advice: see ingredients in BOLD. May contain peanuts and other nuts. For more information on allergens go to 

Nutritional Profile Per 100g: Energy 1,629kJ / 390kcal, Protein 8.0g, Fat 53.6g, of which saturates 37.1g, Carbohydrate 8.2g, of which sugars 1.5g, Salt 0.48mg, Fibre 8.9g.

This cacao brew has no added sugar, dairy free, gluten free and certified vegan, organic, and fair trade.

Unroasted Cacao

The finest Ecuadorian cacao, unroasted to preserve the true flavour of cacao and antioxidant rich polyphenols.

Feel Focused

Contains Lions Mane extract, CH MCT oil,  high strength ginseng + Prebiotics and Bacopa Monnieri.

Easy to Enjoy

Simply mix with your favourite milk, sweeten to taste and enjoy this rich nourishing cacao brew for a focused day ahead.


Love your gut

Contains prebiotics from chicory root fibre - the good bacteria that promotes a healthy gut.

How to make

Step 1

Heat 200ml of your milk of choice until steaming

Step 2

Add 30g of your cacao brew

Step 3

Stir or whisk well until dissolved

Step 4

Sweeten to taste, pour and enjoy!

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